PartnerAfrika project

In the framework of the Marshall Plan with Africa and the G20 investment partnership Compact with Africa, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has launched a special initiative for vocational training and employment. The objective of this initiative is to use innovative formats and flexible instruments to strengthen the conditions for private investment and create more and better employment opportunities for the quickly growing young population in Africa.

The BGA agreed to participate in this initiative in 2020. For this purpose and with the support of sequa gGmbH, the BGA has launched a collaboration with the associations FAGE, VEPEAG, SPVCA, SPEG and PAMPEAG in the fruit and vegetable sector in Ghana. Based on the organizational strengthening of the partner associations as service providers and stakeholders for their members, the goal of the project is to generate an impact on the employment situation at the level of farms. At the end of the project period, the partner associations are supposed to be able to offer sustainable training and consulting (e.g. training on Global GAP) to their member farms and their contract farmers and guarantee quality assurance in the value chain of the fruit, vegetable, root and tuber sectors in the long term with the purpose of increasing exports. In doing so, they will also contribute to an increase in investment and to more and higher-quality employment in the sector. The project also addresses the generational shift and the increase in attractiveness of agriculture among the younger generation through the implementation of a working group specifically dedicated to the issue of youth.

Contact: Carolin Lodtka
+49 (0) 30 59 00 99 590
Email: carolin.lodtka(at)

Long-term experts:
Christopher Mars

Email: christopher(at)
Konstantin von Rheinbaben
Email: Konstantin(at)