About us

The BGA – doing business

The Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA) represents the interests of the wholesale and foreign trade sectors and B2B services on a national, European and international level. We are committed to an international mindset, competition in an open, free and market-oriented system and responsible entrepreneurship. It is because we believe that trade and international competition lead to global growth, prosperity and employment. Germany, with its highly foreign trade-oriented economy, benefits greatly from this. However, trade restrictions reduce the prospects for employment and a prosperous society – not just in Germany.

The BGA supports companies in achieving success in a global and digital economy.

The BGA’s vision

Entrepreneurs create growth and jobs and therefor contribute to prosperity for all. Without their creative thinking, neither the post-war and post-reunification achievements nor the successes of Germany on world markets would have been possible. And this mindset remains a prerequisite for future prosperity.

As the leading B2B umbrella organisation, the BGA is a powerful voice and platform for the trade and service sectors. We are actively shaping the political and economic future of business in the interests of our members.

A wide range of tasks

Our range of tasks is broadly diversified. We know about the challenges of our sector. Representing the political interests in Berlin and Brussels, we are constantly in contact with political and social policy institutions and other economic federations. This way we voice our interests and make sure the standpoint of our sector is heard and considered. For our members and partners we function as a platform for information exchange about the new political, economical and financial developments.

The BGA network

The big plus of BGA network is that the mainly medium-sized companies which make up the wholesale and foreign trade and services sectors, by networking are able to successfully get their arguments across and effectively protect their own interests. The BGA is active in more than 100 organisations and represents the interests of our industry sector at home and abroad. On a European level, the BGA  is involved through EuroCommerce, the umbrella organisation for European trade. Through their work in the EuroCommerce committees, our representatives ensure that the interests of our business community are heard and respected across Europe. As a result, the BGA is the driving force when it comes to wholesale and foreign trade and maintains a dialogue with EU decision-makers.

Give advice to our sector

What role do companies play in a specialised economy when it comes to the industrial, trade and retail sectors? What consequences would a wealth tax or a minimum wage have? The BGA takes a standpoint on these and other issues relevant to the sector in all media.

Most people do not really know what wohlesale and business related services do.  Unfortunately this also seems to be true for many politicians and journalists. This is why we are committed to paint a clear picture of wholesale and its business related services and explain what issues they deal with. Furthermore, our specialised know-how makes us a sought-after contact for the media. We offer the entire claviature of modern press work: whether background discussions and press releases, tweets, press conferences or interviews in print and electronic media.

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